Did you know that a single kiwi contains more vitamin C than an orange? Maybe you did, but I bet you didn’t know that the best way to eat a kiwi is whole. Like a peach. Just rinse it under cold water and take a bite. Let me know what you think! [March 10 update – I finally convinced my kids to eat kiwis with their peel on and we discovered that my son is slightly allergic. His throat became┬ávery itchy. So I will go back to peeling kiwis for the kids! For more information, do a search online about kiwi allergies.]

Notes From Day 6/365 :: I peeled myself an orange for the first time in years. I’ve done it for my kids a thousand times. But never for myself until today. It was so simple and so good. How did you get your daily five?

Much love,


Photo Credit: Alliance/Shutterstock

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