horned melon

Have you ever seen this incredible thing? It is actually fun to eat. You kind of feel like you are in a Dr. Suess book as you cut it open and spoon it into your mouth. The outside is orange and the inside is lime green. Flavor wise, it tastes like a banana and a cucumber – but with a jello like consistency. You have to try it for yourself. It is good for you to try new thingsĀ and we had fun with this one! And if you want to start a conversation, this will do it. Everyone who saw it had to ask about it and wanted to know more (unfortunately, I had nothing to share as it was my first).

On day 68 of this 365 day project, I ate my daily five (including some pre-cut cucumber and jicama, which somehow led to eating more since it was ready to go). Did you enjoy yours?

With love, Kristen

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