Blood oranges are in season right now (until April). If you have not tried one, don’t miss out. They are sweeter than regular oranges, as well as less bitter and less acidic. Like the orange version, they are still high in vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber – but the red ones have the added benefit of anthocyanins, which are excellent antioxidants. My son is home with a fever today and I just made this bowl of blood oranges for him; I learned how to segment the fruit by watching a video online. Try it! Every orange you eat is one serving closer to the daily five goal – and it is hard to eat just one of these!

Notes From Day 2/365 :: I enjoyed six servings of fruits and vegetables, including a lot more greens in the morning. Swiss chard with eggs for breakfast? I’ll include the recipe in the coming week. However, yesterday I forgot to eat fruit. So tomorrow, I am determined to squeeze one or two into my plan. Who knew this would take so much planning? Did you enjoy your daily five? What do you snack on? Please inspire me. I could use the help!

Much love,


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