What a mess I made to the pan, but it was so worth it.

We do try to buy produce that is local and seasonal. But it is finally winter and raining here in Northern California (so grateful) and when I saw these “rubies on the vine” at the store, I was transported to sunny Mexico where they were organically grown.

I just cut them in half, sprinkled a little olive oil and sea salt over them, and roasted them for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees (adjust timing based on the size of your tomatoes if you decide to make them).

My intention was to use them in a sauce for dinner, but they didn’t last long enough. We ate them right off the tray. And I lost track of how many servings I enjoyed…maybe two? Another easy way to check off your daily five vegetables!

Notes From Day 3/365 :: I met my goal to eat at least five servings of produce today due to a little early morning prep. When I filled my kids’ lunch boxes, I cut extra servings of fruit and vegetables to snack on later. Did you enjoy your daily five? Do you prepare your servings as you eat them, or do you plan ahead? I would love to know.

Much love,


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